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I remember when I first broke out of the white room- I was unwell. Here’s a picture of me talking to Frosty and Damien when Isabelle found me:

I might change it more later.

Yes, I speak with a gnomish accent.

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But I’m getting better.

A Parody

Posted By on June 24, 2011

Weird Al, you have full permission from me if it’s cool with Bob.

Ooh, yeah! All right!
We’re hackin’:
I wanna hack it wid you.
We’re hackin’, hackin’,
And I hope you like hackin’, too.

Ain’t no rules, ain’t no vow, we can do it anyhow:
I’n’I will see you through,
‘Cos everyday we pay the price with a little sacrifice,
Hackin’ till the Lulz is through.

We’re hackin’ –
To think that hackin’ was a thing of the past;
We’re hackin’,
And I hope the lulz is gonna last.

No bullet can stop us now, we neither beg nor we won’t bow;
Neither can be bought nor sold.
We all defend the right; lulzsec children must unite:
Your lulz is worth much more than gold.

We’re hackin’ (hackin’, hackin’, hackin’)
And we’re hackin’ in the name of the lulz;
We’re hackin’ (hackin’, hackin’, hackin’),
We’re hackin’ right straight from Yah.

Yeh! Anti se-curi-ty;
Anti se-curi-ty:
Jah shittin on se-curi-ty.
And rules are all breakin’.

Yeah, we’re – we’re hackin’ (wotcha-wa),
Wotcha-wa-wa-wa, we’re hackin’ (wotcha-wa),
See, I wanna hack it wid you
We’re hackin’ (hackin’, hackin’, hackin’)
I’m hacking, I hope you’re hackin’, too.

Hack’s about my pride and truth I cannot hide
To keep you satisfied.
True lulz that now exist is the love I can’t resist,
So hack by my side.

We’re Hackin’ (hackin’, hackin’, hackin’), yeah-eah-eah!
I wanna hack it wid you.
We’re hackin’, we’re hackin’, we’re hackin’, we’re hackin’,
We’re hackin’, we’re hackin’, we’re hackin’, we’re hackin’;
Hope you like hackin’, too.
We’re hackin’, we’re hackin’ (hackin’),
We’re hackin’, we’re hackin’ (hackin’).
I wanna (I wanna hack it wid you) – I wanna –
I wanna hack wid you now.
Hackin’, hackin’ (hope you like hackin’ too).
Eh-eh! I hope you like hackin’, I hope you like hackin’,
‘Cause (I wanna hack it wid you). I wanna … wid you.
I like – I hope you – I hope you like hackin’, too.
I wanna hack it;
I wanna hack it.

weeeeeee uploads

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Morgajel uploaded some sketches for me!


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At first I was all like, “That’s my tweet!” and then it was like “yah…but mmmmmm…no.” so I said “oh noes” and disassembled so now I have a new friend who shares my twits.

When is a Torch not a Torch?

Posted By on May 30, 2011

FUN FACT: An Everburning Torch is a magical torch that casts no heat, but does cast light. It’s one of the first items an enchanter learns to make. Back when Burmat had many pupils, whole classes of aspiring wizards would try to make them, but few often got it on their first try.

Quite often you’ll end up with an everburning torch that glows blue, is too dim, or even burns hot. Most of them are destroyed, but it’s still easy to find them across the kingdom- some use them in fireplaces, while others use them as nightlights.

109 Pages

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109 pages have been edited in this second draft. Smells like a Peacock.

Secret Past Revealed.

Posted By on June 14, 2010

I might as well be open about it… I was young and dumb and Foxworthy offered me a lot of money. I do not regret my choices, however I do regret not having my own makeup artist- I ended up lookin’ like this guy.

I stepped on a Color Today.

Posted By on April 25, 2010

I didn’t mean to do it; I just didn’t see it. I expected it to squish, but I didn’t expect the smell. Normally it’s a good smell, but today it was very very bad. I’ll take to take better care with Russet if I see it laying on the ground again.


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I like to travel. In the sky, on water, underground, and by donkey- I’ve done it all. I find the best way to travel is when you don’t know where you’re going- if you know where you’re going, there’s no fun in the sights.

Sometimes I like to just wander around to see what I can see.