Gurgan’s Awakening

This was a story I overheard from Gurgan the Ogre and his buddies after Gurgan looked into a hole.

<Gurgan> HEY. You see hole?

<Duk> yah


<Gurgan> You look in?

<Duk> nah


<Gurgan> Gurgan look in. Dorf call it a-biss. I look in and it look back. It show me things. Gurgan hollow like it.

<Duk> *clueless stare*

<Gurgan> We hollow, like it. Gurgan have no meaning. Dorf have meaning- to dig. Elf have meaning- to hug tree. Gnomes have meaning- to make stuffs. Even Orc have meaning- to make noise when squished.

<Kibal> We have meaning! We eat gobins and move rocks for shinies.

<Gurgan> But why? It not make meaning for Gurgan. Go look in abyss. It look back.

After Gurgan’s friends looked into the hole, they spoke again.

<Duk> We hollow too!

<Kibal> *shakes head in fearful agreement*

<Gurgan> Gurgan knows. Show you hollow make me feel less hollow. I think hard thoughts on hollow. I thinks we need to fill hollow.

<Kibal> Not enough rocks to fill abyss!


<Kibal> …

<Duk> …fill hollow with gobins?

No, not Gobins. Gobins not fill hollow. But think hard thoughts- gobins not hollow. Gobins find meaning. They make stuffs like Gnomes.

<Kibal> We make stuff like Gnome, too?

<Gurgan> No… We not make stuffs like Gnome. We do better- we help Gnome make stuffs. We help Dorf dig rocks. We help Elf hug tree. We help orc-

<Duk> But no trees left to hug!

<Gurgan> IT NOT MATTER DUK! What matter is we help. We help and it gives us meaning. It fills hollow.

<Duk> Duk not like hollow in Duk. If help make Duk full, Duk help. Duk even help gobins instead of eating gobins.

<Gurgan> OH- and show others abyss. Humans, orcs, buggybears, dorfs- they not care. Ogres care. Show all ogres abyss and they see they hollow, then they help.

And that’s how the Order of the Abyss was started, a pacifistic religious movement within the Ogre community. Weird, right?